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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Friday, July 25, 2008


There once was a man named Charles Plumb and he was a Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was shot down by a surface to air missle. Plumb ejected and parachuted into enemy hands. He was captured and spent 6 years in a communist vietnamese prison. He survived the ordeal and now lectures on lessons learned from that experience. One day, when plumb was sitting down in a restaurant, a man came up to him and said are you Charles Plumb. Charles said yes I am, how did you know that? The man said I packed your parachute. The man shook his hand and said " I guess it worked " So my question to you is Who's packing your parachute? Everyone has someone who provides what they need to make it through the day. Sometimes in the daily challenges that life gives us we miss what is really important. We may fail to say hello, please, or thank you, congratulate someone on something wonderful that has happened to them, give a compliment, or just do something nice for no reason. As you go through this week, this month, this year, recognize people who pack your parachute.

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