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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well it has been 3 weeks since I wrote last because I went to Mississippi for training. It was very hot down there but I knew that already and I was somewhat prepared, but you can't get totally prepared. We had some good traing but we had some down time too where we could have been doing some good training. Once we got out there and we started doing some missions it got exciting. We went to Camp Shelby and we stayed in barracks that were probably older than me and I am thankful that we had air conditioning in them. The bad part was when you had to go to the bathroom it was in another building. That is a long walk in the middle of the night when you really had to go. We managed though. I am so glad to be home and just get a great hug from my family especially my wife. That hug felt great. Well I am home safely and will write more at another time. Have a great day.

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Andrews said...

Free at last, free at last.....thank God almighty that Achmed is free at last!

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