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Monday, September 29, 2008


I was thinking today about this saying and I have used it myself and I was wondering, am I getting old. I started looking around at some of my friemnds at the YMCA and I am hoping I am like them when I get there age. There is a man named Gunny he is 53 and built like a rock and can motivate you to do anything. Then there is Forrest this man is 63 and he clocked in running over 1200 miles last year, I am not sure how many he got in this year yet. Then there is Tom and he is 73 and he is at the gym 3 days a week and he just keeps going. One of my favorites is Lester and he will be 81 in January and he is at the gym 2 days a week. He told me at his age he just needs to keep moving and he is always there and always smiling. Now whenever I say or here someone say I am getting old I will think of these guys and hope and pray I am as active as they are when I get that old. So the question I am going to leave you with, are you really getting old or do you just need to get moving?

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