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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was born and raised in Scranton PA. and I remember we would need a lot of snow before they would cancel schools. I know live in Middle TN. and we got rain and lots of it, but the temp dropped and it got cold. The cars had ice on them and so did the grass but the roads were fine. They closed the schools, and around here if there is a chance of snow it seems everything shuts down. I can't imagine what it would be like if it really hit, I think people would be in a panic. The main problem we have here are drivers, they do not know how to slow down and we end up with a lot of accidents. I woke up this morning and looked outside and seen the deck had ice on it, but I still heard cars going down the road. I still went to the gym this morning and so did everyone else, it was crowded as usual. That shows you how dedicated we are or how stupid we are. Well we home school are girls so guess what, they will still have school today. The funny thing is they do not want to miss any school. Well I hope everyone elses day goes well for them. Mine is messy but good.

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ABNPOPPA said...

My daughter home schools her children and when the neighbor's kids don't go her kids think they should have the day off too. She tells them that is the price of not having to get up early and ride the bus. Now sit down and let's get to work!

Signed on as a follower. Great sunset pik. Short story on sunsets.

When my kids were young and I would see a beautiful sunset I would say. Only one guy can paint those colors. Then I would ask them if they knew who it was. They would look at me and say now and then I would tell them, God! Of course they caught on and as they grew up I never gave it much thought.

Just before my son, Jacob's deployment to Iraq he and his wife were driving all night to get back to Ft. Bragg. As the sun came up he pulled over to the side of the road and ask his wife the question. Only one person can paint those colors, you know who it is? His wife told him know and he replied God.

She told me this after he had deployed. Little things sometime mean a lot!


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