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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was one of those days that you think about and ask yourself, Are you ready? What I mean is ready to go, I started thinking about this and was wondering, there are 3 things you need to be ready. You need to be mentally ready, spiritually ready and physically ready. I am a christian so the spiritual part is always being worked on and you can never get enough or close enough to God. This is one area I know that I am doing good in and there is always room for improvement. The other area is mentally and this area is the hardest because you are always thinking about the future and what is going to happen. This area is one area that can always use improving. The area I am really working on now and that is getting physically ready. I go to the YMCA and work out about 4 days a week and you know it is the best I have been feeling in a long time. The hardest thing is accountability, I changed my hours at work and now I go in at 6am instead of 5am and I am on my own. This is where the self discipline comes in and you just go out there and do it. The 3 things I am referring to is me dealing with this upcoming deployment but if you think about it it can also be used in life in general. So are you ready to move on and deal with the things that come your way? Remember never give up when life gets hard because God is there even when you don't think so. I know He is with me.


AirmanMom said...

It sounds as though you are on the right path. Stay Strong!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Leon Basin said...

Hello soldier! Thank you for all you do.

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