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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was watching the Today Show this morning and they had an article on what the first lady was wearing. It is a shame that we get more coverage on the first lady's clothing options then we do on our men and woman serving overseas. The article covered her wearing sleeveless dresses, she is a very pretty woman but let's get real here. She is not running our country and I think they should be focusing on what is going on in this world besides a sleeveless dress. We have men and woman dying and getting wounded and we don't hear about that. This war does not make the news anymore because it is not news and it should be. What about our soldiers in Afghanistan, you don't even hear about them. They are doing a great job and I believe the world needs to hear about that. Let's stop hearing all the bad news and let's start hearing some of the good news about what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. There probably is a lot going on but we don't hear about it because it is good and the media just likes the bad. Well I am glad I can vent hear because I know I can and I really don't care what the first lady is wearing let's keep our troops safe and get them home when the job is done. We will always have a presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, that is what we are here for. I am glad that I serve and go where I am needed but let's get the good news out too. If you have any please let me know and post it for everyone to see. Thanks again for letting me vent and thanks for reading. I think I will go out today and wear something sleeveless.

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