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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well today is our first day of a 4 day drill. I never really liked the first day because it is a day of just getting things ready. You here all the changes that is going to happen and just so they can change back. The only thing constant about the army is change. I know that once we get to where we are going and you get into the thick of things it becomes fun. You become the person or soldier you were meant to be. I really enjoyed being back in the guard these last 5 years. There is nothing like the friendships you make at your drill. You don't see everybody for a month and you come right back into it like you never left. Well I guess what I am trying to say is this I really like being apart of the Tennessee Army National Guard. It is who I am and who I will be. Well off to training, thought I pop in and let you know everything is cool. Have a good day and an even better weekend.

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ABNPOPPA said...


Have a good drill but, above all be careful.


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