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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July

Well the 4Th is over and all the celebrating is done. Now we sit back and clean up the mess and wonder what did I do yesterday that got me so wore out. I think it could of been from the games we played or and I dare to say it, all that food we ate. Today we wake up get ready for church and start another day. Yesterday we remembered our Independence and we thanked all the men and woman who have served this great country. I am very thankful for them but it is the 5Th now and we must still remember that they are still serving and defending our country and keeping us free. As my time comes closer to relieve some of these men and woman and let them come home, I am ready to do my part and do it proudly. I started thinking and so did my wife that I won't be here the next 4Th of July and she will be watching the festivities by herself and not cuddled up with me. She got a little sad but when she said I am proud of you for doing what you are doing it made it all the better. I am proud of my family for their support and most of all for there love. To all my fellow service men and woman, keep up the good work and come home safe. Happy 5Th of July.

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AirmanMom said...

Happy 5th!
I do like this post! We must never forget!!!!

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