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Friday, August 28, 2009


Well I haven't just written in a while and been just copying and pasting things. Well I just got done reading coffee pots article when and it really had me thinking. When did summer end and where did the time go. It seemed like it was just yesterday that we got the word on our upcoming deployment. It seemed like it was just yesterday that my girls were still toddlers. WHEN did they grow up. We went away the other day for some good family time alone and it was great. I took some time off from work and we went to a place called Fall Creek Falls and we loved everybit of it. Now it is coming closer and the National Guard is keeping me busy. I just got home from a weeks training at FT. Campbell KY and I am home for 3 weeks and then I will be gone for 3 weeks. Then I come home for 2 weeks and gone for another week. WHEN did time become so important and now I know WHEN. It became important a year ago when we got alerted and now the time has come and time is even more important. I only have a little time left before I will be gone. So I don't know when WHEN happened but it happened to quick. I want to say thank you to the blogs that I read because they make me laugh and as coffee pot says they make my eyes sweat. Thanks to all of you and again. Here is a pic of my girls now. My wife is on the left and younger daughter in the middle and older daughter on the right.


CI-Roller Dude said...

A couple of things to help you out, or just update:
2.) To get a feeling of Iraq or AF, run a law mower 24 hours a day in your yard.
3.) Take cold showers, then have somebody cut off the water before you rinse.
4.) Get a SUV with a sun roof, put one of your kids stadning up with a BB gun to pretend being your gunner.
5.) Have your neighbor fire a weapons off in the middle of the night for no reason, and lots of times on Thursdays.
6.) Have your boss wake you up at midnight to come sign a NCOER or some other shit the SGT Major forgot to do during the day because he was sleeping.
7.) To prepare for Iraqi heat, turn your oven on to 150, stick your bare arms inside until you dehydrate.
8.) Before going on a drive anywhere, submit a 6 page convoy request, list all your neighbors going, blood type, SS #, and weapons numbers, and routes to Dennys.
9.) Run around and bust your ass, doing strange things for 16 hours a day, then pass out in bed and wonder what you did all day.

Becky said...

Totally off topic, but #5 on CI's list made me laugh - I have a neighbor who spent several years in the Marine Corps and likes to shoot his guns at 2 am...in the dead of winter...definitely for no reason at all.

Enjoy all your time left at home before you head off. It goes by SO fast.

Citizen Soldier said...

Thanks for the great advise CI. I will talk to my neighbor today and if my wife don't mind I will cut a hole in the roof of the minivan.

CI-Roller Dude said...

To clarify:
Alot of folks in 3rd (or 4th) world countries have no problem using an AK to celibrate by firing in the air. They go to the Mosque on Thursday (I call it "Metric Sunday?) And a lot of weddings happen on Thursdays--thus random AK tracers flying up into the air. Get used to it. As long as they don't land on your FOB or Camp it's OK. Wierd, but OK.
I'd sleep right through it, but when I heard a .50 Cal going off from the tower guard, I woke up and grabbed my weapons.

Coffeypot said...

Thank you, CS, for the kind words, and I’ll have your six as much as possible when you are gone. And if wife or daughters need anything, me and my wife are a phone call and a few hours away. I know you have a great support system at home, but I’m just saying…

You do have some beautiful women in your life and I can only imagine how hard it will be to get on that plane. But no matter how hard it will be, don’t forget to send me more jokes. I need them like a camel needs water.

And When indeed. I find it interesting that When and Wind sound alike. The both happen so fast. That woosh you hear every now and then is Time flying by. And When am I going to stop rambling? I turn control to your blog back over to you.

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