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Monday, June 21, 2010


It has been a long time since I blogged last and I figured it is about time I did. I have been keeping a journal instead of being on here and I thought it was for safety reasons. Part of it was and part of it was the connection speed and the internet going off and on. I have been doing real well and the mission we were on was the best mission anyone could be on. We are doing a PSD( personal security detail) mission and I cannot say what we were doing or who we were doing it for until after I get home. I will share some of the fun stories without giving all the opsec away. I have been doing real good here and I am really glad that my family is doing well at home without me. It is amazing the support I have from my family and yes they miss me but they are also doing a fine job without me.

My wife always wondered how she would be without me around and she did a great job. Let's share some of the things she accomplished so far while I am away. We live in TN and as you know TN had there 100 year flood and we got a lot of rain. The last thing I heard was around 18 inches in 3 days. Now for TN that is a lot of rain at one time. Well our driveway washed away and of course it was gravel and it became a big part of our front yard after it was all done and overwith. She handled that well and got the driveway all taken care of and she just handled it and as I always told her that I am real proud of my wife. She got the basement all dried in by the help of Olshan and now my basement will not be getting anymore water in it. Her next big project is getting the second bathroom put in. A man with 3 woman at home needs a second bathroom. She has already got that lined up and will be done before I get home. I am real proud of my wife.

Now my girls have accomplished some things too. My youngest (14) Katie has song a solo in a talent competition called Fine Arts and it is put on by the Assembly of God. It was her first time singing a solo in front of judges and for a competition. She did real well and missed the next step by one point. I am so proud of her too and she sent me a copy of her singing on a disc so I can be a part of it too. Now my oldest (15) Elizabeth she was at the same competition and did a piano solo for the second year in a row. I wish I was like her and can pick up things as fast as she can. She also missed the next level by one point. She has also been driving on her permit now for almost a year and she is so looking forward to getting my truck. She might be disappointed because I am not giving it up. Well again and I cannot say it enough I am really proud of my wife and girls.

I have been with a great bunch of guys and I would serve with them again in a heartbeat. I will be the first to tell you that the army has not changed in a long time. They are still doing stupid stuff and making everyone else do stupid stuff with them. When I got out the first time back in 1990 and I stayed out for 15 years and got back in. The one thing I pondered was surely things have changed. No it has not and what happened was the people doing the stupid stuff before are still in but now that just have a higher rank. Sometimes it feels like the higher up you go the more brain cells you lose. Now mind you this does not go for all of them but a few I know right here in Iraq it fits to a tee. I have been back in the guard now going on 6 years and I have 3 left on this contract. I guess over the next three years I have some thinking to do. Well I wrote enough for now I hope everyone who follows me reads this and continue to follow. I am back folks and will be updating this blog a whole lot more. Thanks for reading.


Paxford said...

Sending Prayers your way for a continuing Safe deployment


CI-Roller Dude said...

That was nice how you said good things about your wife and kids.... a good dad.
In OIF 3, our worst enemy wasnt' the insurgents, it was our bad leaders! Some of them were totally retarded.

Be SAFE! Have a good plan and a good back up plan for every mission! Alternate routes, what if plans, and trust no Iraqis.

Coffeypot said...

It's good to hear from you and knowing you have a good job. That makes the deployment a little easier to handle. You family is also doing well, but I knew they would. They had you to guifr them. I look forward to reading more of your experiences, too.

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