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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well I am on the slow journey home from Iraq. We left Baghdad Iraq on the 22nd of July, there we went to Kuwait and spent about 4 days there. Then we finally got the word that we are heading home. It was a very long flight and yes it was very boring but we endured and now we are in Camp Shelby Mississippi demobbing. They are really stretching it out here and if we did it all straight through we would be done by now. They are having us go through one station at a time. Lets say for instance today we cleared dental and it took 2 hours. That was it and we got the rest of the day off. We are all sitting around doing the army motto and that is hurrying up and waiting. I believe we could have been home by now but oh well we are on our way. We will be leaving here in a few days and I am anxiously waiting to get back home to my family and friends. The heat in Mississippi is so much more humid then in Iraq but like anything it is easy to get use to it. Well I will write again in a few days when I get home. I want to say publicly thanks to my family for all there support in this deployment. Thank you Lord foer a safe trip so far.


Renee said...

So, so, so happy to hear that you are almost home to your family. I know they are waiting on pins and needles! Welcome back to the US and thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Miss Em said...

Welcome home!!!!

Thank you and your family for all that you have been doing to keep us safe.

Miss Em

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