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Friday, October 29, 2010


Well as you all know from a few blogs ago that my oldest daughter turned 16. Well she has just gotten her drivers license. It is a weird feeling seeing your daughter drive away in the car. It is also a weird feeling when you are so use to being together and now it is just you and your wife. I know my daughters are loving the freedom especially my younger one, she is really liking it. I am just so proud of my daughter and for all her effort into learning how to drive. I know when the time came for her to take the test the rear view mirror fell off the windshield. They had to stop by and get there grandfathers truck which she never drove before. She was a real trooper and did just fine with her grandfathers truck. Well she is on the insurance now and she can drive herself around. I guess one thing that is good about it is we don't have to take her everywhere anymore, she can just drive herself. Now we can also use her to drive her sister around too and me and my wife can just hang around the house. I guess it is a good milestone but also a sad one one because my girls are getting older and soon they won't need there dad anymore and they will be on there own. Well Elizabeth congrats on getting your license and you are doing a great job.


Coffeypot said...

Don't kid yourself. They will ALWAYS need you.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I'd suggest this:
1.) unplug a few spark plugs (that will keep her from speeding)
2.) Hire a cop to ride in the car when you can't (that'll keep her from picking up stupid kids
3.) If she takes the car out, have her come home by 7pm.

I had 2 boys who used the "family" car and trashed them. More kids under 18 have more accidents than any other age group.

Renee said...

Congratulations to your daughter for getting her license! What a HUGE milestone!

She will definitely keep needing you...for gas money!

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