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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well we had the honor of the Vice President Joe Biden come and visit us here in Iraq. I think the funny thing about his visit is that everyone is hush hush about it. We were told we had a VIP coming to visit us but they did not want to say who. So if you are a good soldier and wanted to find out you just go to Yahoo or Google. They had the story coming out of his visit and where he was going and why he was here. Everything is suppose to be OPSEC but Yahoo and Google already put it out. I did not get the pleasure of meeting him but I did get the pleasure of being one of the guys who sat on the side of the road waiting for his motorcade to pass so we can stop traffic and let it go by. I think it is funny that they said he was here to celebrate the 4Th with the troops and a lot of us troops worked so he can go to where he wanted to go. I guess I am complaining a little bit but it was boring just sitting out there and waiting, then you get the word he is coming and it is over in minutes. Then we wait to do it again when he is done with the meeting. We had to sit out there for 2 days and it was not fun but it is interesting when you block traffic for about 10-15 minutes how irritable people can get because you stopped them. I guess it gave us a piece of home because as Americans we are always in a hurry too.

There is one thing I noticed here over the 2 days I was out there. The Iraqi people have a great care to take care of there own. I sat there and watched as people just stopped and picked up people who were walking. I don't think they knew them they just stopped and picked them up. The other thing they do is they will stand on the side of the road and just wave and people stop and pick them up. It seems like they know and trust there own to just pick up a stranger. That is something we will not do in America because we lost our sense of trust.

I think the funniest thing was we had to block the road one more time for the Vice President to go to the LZ so he can catch a helicopter to leave Baghdad. It was no more than a minute or two after the birds took off the alarm goes off Incoming, Incoming, Take cover. A lot of times you here this and nothing follows but this time something followed and there was an explosion from the incoming. I don't know how close it was but I got my but back into the MRAP where I had a little more protection than being out in the open. Well I guess all in all he had a good visit and no one got hurt.

Well he is gone now and we go on like he was never here and we continue the countdown until we leave this country. That is something that I am looking forward too. Well enough about his visit I just hope it was worth the trip.

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