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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


What is a phone, it use to be a device that you talk to people on. It use to be a device that you stayed in touch with people from across the country. Times sure had changed, have you noticed we don't talk on them much anymore? We don't talk because we text and I believe this use to be writing a letter but now it is quicker than the mail. I have no problem with texting as long as it is used in the right places at the right time. I guess what I am trying to say is we don't talk anymore. These devices called cell phones has changed the way we live our lives. I have seen texting and driving and you hear the stories of how accidents happen because of this, people still do it. There is so much technology in that little device we carry everyday that if we left it at home our lives would be in total chaos until we got it back in our hands again. I started to just watch people now and see how long they can go without picking up there phone and it is interesting that it is not a very long time. Yes I do have a cell phone and a limited texting plan and the reason I have this is to get in touch with my soldiers. I did not have texting on my phone for a long time because I guess I am too slow at it (still am slow at it). I have tried calling my soldiers and the call would go into there voice mail and I would leave a message. I would not get a call back and I would try again and still no response. So here is why I have limited texting, I would text them and just put in these words CALL ME. I would receive a call back within a few minutes and I can pass on the information I need to pass on. I guess I am still just old fashioned and would rather talk then text. I have 2 daughters and both of them can't wait to get cell phones but there is only one that wants to text on it, that is all she wants to do. I guess I need to just flow with it and catch up to the times and not complain about it. I am one of these guys that I have to have my keys in my pocket and if I don't I start feeling lost and start panicing about where my keys are. I guess now I will have to worry about both my keys and my cell phone. I guess I am just complaining a little bit but it is a part of life and sometimes we just need to catch up with it. Cell phones are great and they come in handy when your car breaks down or you are lost but have you ever noticed that when you breakdown or are lost you are in an area without a signal. I have AT&T for my phone service and the only reason I use them is they are the only phone that works well where I live. Well enough of my griping I need to go text a friend and see what we are doing today. TTYL.

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