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Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I was wondering what are you thinking about. I have got on this kick this morning and wondering where I am going in life. I know I have the Lord in my life but you still wonder. I am 45 years old and I have been at my job now for over 20 years. I am very thankful for my job and what the Lord has provided for me in this job. I am starting to realize and wonder where am I going with my life. I have also been in the National Guard for the last 6 years and I like it very much. I do know one thing that when it comes time to reenlist I am not doing this MP stuff anymore. I looked at it and said I will be 48 when I reenlist and it is time to leave that stuff for the young guy. I started to wonder what I will do next and I was thinking of becoming a Chaplain's assistant or just maybe getting out. I am not getting any younger and I do a good job of taking care of myself but I still wonder. I guess I should not be so concerned about my life because I know the Lord has everything under control but I am human and still wonder. As I mentioned before I am the bread winner of my family because we decided to home school our girls and I must tell you that has been the best decision we have ever made. I look back on it and was wondering how we even survived financially but again it comes down to being faithful to God in everything we do and that includes our money. We have never done without, we have done with less but we never done without. I can share all kinds of stories of how God has taken care of us from vehicles to a pair of sneakers. I am thankful to be serving the Lord and thankful that He is taking care of us. Well I got off on a tangent, I was thinking about where do we go from here. I started thinking about my job and life in general and what does it store for me. There have been times we were so slow at work that you wondered if things would change, then you think about what would you do if you lost your job. I have seen a people get laid off and you wonder what they are going to do. I also thought what would I do, I have no schooling to fall back on, I have no other experience besides what I got at the company I work for and the military. Then I realized that I have learned a lot over the years that I have been employed and being in the military. A college education is great and I push that on my daughters because I want them to be better than me. I realized I have real world experience and you cannot get that from a book or from being in a class. I am thinking about bettering myself by maybe taking some classes from the free military schooling I can get. You know I still have a long time before I can even retire but as fast as time is going bye it will be here before you know it. It seemed like just yesterday my daughters were born and I was married. Well I have been married now 20 years and my daughters are 16 and 14. Time flies when you are having fun I guess. I guess when it comes right down to it I should not worry about it but be very thankful that the Lord has my family and I in His hands and will continue to take care of us. Well enough thinking and time to start acting on what the future holds. You all have a great day. What are you thinking about or what do you think?


Renee said...

I think about the potential changes in my husband when he returns. I think his health and well-being - about my own healthy and well-being - and how things can change on a dime. I think about my job, my career. I'm overly bored with it - it's slow and even slower - but I'm grateful for having that job to go to. I think about going back to school and changing careers all together. My dream job has always been to be a nurse but the moons never lined up just right and I went a different path. Am I too old (44) to make that change now? Our children are grown and gone...do I want to start over just to fulfil a dream or should I just be satisfied?
I think about (worry) if I am doing enough to take care of myself so my children and husband won't have to bury me in 20 years (as with my family history)? See...I think too much. Maybe that's why I sleep poorly!

Mike Golch said...

I wonder some of the same things. especially today,since I turned 59.

Coffeypot said...

Renee, I blog with a woman who is in her 40’s and a mother who is going to nursing school. It is time for you to do something for you in your life and if it’s nursing, go for it. Get In School, Woman!

Bob, me and every man I know over 40 have asked the same questions and felt the same tugs. As you say, God is in control of your life, but like a ships Captain, the skipper is in charge of the whole ship and where it’s going, but he has to have a helmsman to steer as he is directed. Just make sure you are listening to the commands, steering a true course and not run aground.

ABNPOPPA said...

You are doing just fine young man. You have God in your life and he will guide you.

Pops, almost 63, since everyone is telling their age

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