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Saturday, November 26, 2011


It is now after Thanksgiving and I remember as a kid that is when we started our countdown to Christmas. I do not remember Black Friday's when I was growing up, I do remember the anticipation of Christmas. In my house we always wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree and we did that yesterday 11/25/11 and my girls did it and all I had to do was climb up into the attic to get it all down. They did a great job putting up the tree and it looks real nice. I sometimes get depressed when putting up the tree because I remember as a kid all the arguments we would have in our family when the tree went up. It would sometimes get bad where I would just go outside and let them deal with it. I know I should not be that way because that does not happen now but the memories always come flooding back. I did have some good Christmas's and I still remember some of the gifts I got as a kid. I remember the big yellow Tonka truck and yes it was made out of metal not plastic like today. I remember the big wheel I got, it had two speeds high and low and I played on that thing for years. I remember my first skate board and how many times I fell off of it too. As we get older Christmas does not seem as special anymore, I guess it is because I am older. Well enough about the blah stuff we need to get back to the countdown. It seems the countdown starts in stores right after Halloween and they start putting up Christmas stuff. We seem to go right to Christmas and forget all about Thanksgiving. I guess as they say Christmas has become all about the mighty dollar and not about the real reason. I am very thankful because I am home with my family. So how did you countdown to Christmas? I remember as a kid we would do the paper chain thing and cut off a link everyday until Christmas eve. We had a advent calender for our kids and it would have a piece of chocolate hidden behind the door that you opened. I would countdown the days until we got out of school for Christmas break and then we knew we only had a couple of days until Christmas. I also remember as a kid the one thing you did not want to get was clothes that was a real downer. No matter what Christmas there was you always got some piece of clothing. Now I look back at my list for this year and I asked for clothes. Let's remember what Christmas is all about, it is about giving and not getting. Remember God GAVE us His son. As of right now 11/26/11 there are 30 days until Christmas so let the countdown to Christmas begin. I like to end this blog with a question. What was your best Christmas?

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ABNPOPPA said...

Keep it that way in your family CS. Don't let the girls focus on the Black Friday over the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior!

Pops @ Conservative Outrage, the blog

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