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Monday, November 14, 2011


Well here I am again and still not having anything interesting to write about. My family is doing great and my older daughter is looking at Vanderbilt or Lipscomb university for colleges. You know I miss doing this so I just need to make myself do this. I was gone the last four days with the National Guard and it was time to qualify with our weapons again. I was in charge of the HEAT trainer on Saturday. The HEAT trainer is a mock Humvee that teaches soldiers how to handle rollovers. It was fun because they have cameras set up inside and you get to see what is going on inside. Just seeing the looks on peoples faces is the best. I like the ones that come in and never been through it before, you can just see the scared looks on there faces. They go through it and when they come out it is like "Can I do that again." The one person who wanted to do this over and over again was our Chaplain. He was a great sport and did it a few times. At one point I put him as the leader of the vehicle and it was fun watching him let the other soldiers know what is going to happen and what to do when they get out of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is upside down you need to find the unlocked door get out and then pull security around the vehicle. As you know Chaplains do not carry weapons so as the soldiers got out with there mock weapons to pull security the Chaplain got out with his Bible in hand. It was the funniest thing I ever seen and he had his weapon (Bible) drawn and ready to go. I am so thankful for having a great Chaplain for our soldiers. All in all it was a great weekend and but it is always better to be home with my wife and girls. I believe we have a pretty good MP platoon now. You always have changes in the military whether it is people getting promoted and moving on or people getting out and then there are always new people coming in. This weekend proved that our MP's are going to be a pretty good platoon. We have some very good soldiers and some good leadership. Well I said enough for now I will be back. Y'all have a great day. I can't believe this Yankee is saying Y'all.


CI-Roller Dude said...

I wonder if maybe, just maybe, the bible might be the most effective weapon in the vehicle. We did have some chaplians with lots of guts in Iraq...they never hesitated to go out to one of the camps and visit.

I was a coward and had to have at least 2 weapons with me to feel safe.

Clarita said...

That Chaplain of which you wrote is my son! As his mother, I can tell you that he has demonstrated that attitude all his life. I am SO VERY PROUD to call him my son!!!!

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