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Monday, October 3, 2011


1.    I started to think today about fair weather fans. I looked it up and the definition of a fair weather fan is a fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. Now this is true today because in one case or another we are all fair weather fans. Let’s take for instance the Detroit Lions, how many fans had dropped them because of their past record. How many of those fans are now joining back up with the team because they are 4 -0 right now. They are jumping back on the bandwagon now. I also started thinking about a baseball player who might be in a slump right now and not hitting very good or not hitting at all. Sometimes this might be our favorite player and we tend to not support him anymore because he is not doing what he supposed to be doing. Now when a baseball player gets into a slump he has a tendency to blame the coach (Pastor) but it is not the coaches (Pastor’s) fault he is in a slump. So then the ball player may blame the team (Church) and again it is not the Teams (Church’s) fault that the player is in a slump. It is the player himself who is at fault. I don’t believe I have ever seen a ball player who was in a slump change teams (Churches). The ball player would start asking for some advice from the coach (Pastor) on things that he is doing and how he can get better at what this slump is all about. I think that maybe if he came to the team (Church) and asked for help on his slump someone will be there to help coach (Mentor) him out of this slump he is in. I just don’t believe in changing teams (Churches) just because you are in a slump. It probably is not the coaches (Pastors) or the teams (Churches) Fault; it could be your own fault. I think if a player changed teams (Churches) every time he was in a slump he will realize the slump just moved from one team (Church) to another. I have been a fair weather fan when it has come to sports and I will admit that but I have not been a fair weather fan when it comes to my church. I have been in 3 churches since I have been saved and the only reason I left those was because I moved to another state. I have hung in there and seen some tough times but I am not willing to change teams (Church’s) because of a slump. I know I will receive some negative feedback on this once I post it to Facebook but it is how I feel right now and I feel some people are in slumps and there going in the wrong direction by switching teams (Church’s). I think we need to hang in there with the coach (Pastor) and the team (Church) and see where it leads us. One day we are going to make the championship game because we hung in there and we were not fair weather fans.

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