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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

THE YEAR OF........

It is that time of year again that whenever you turn on the news they are showing everything that happened in the year 2011. They show stuff like, celebrity break-ups in 2011, strange weather from 2011, who did what to who in 2011. I think sometimes it just gets old and you don't want to look back. Sometimes you just have too look back to see what you did last year. I was thinking and trying to figure out, what did I do for New Years Eve last year. I think I did the same thing I will do this year and that is probably fall asleep and bring the new year in right and that is resting. I went back and looked at a lot of my old posts and realized I had a very good year last year. As far as I can see 2011 has been good to me. I know there was some good times and some hard times but all in all it has been a good year. I went ahead and looked at my running journal for 2011 and I was surprised that I ran 149.2 miles in 2011. My best month was in August when I ran 31.8 miles. It is funny you don't think about these things but we accomplish so much in one year. I looked back on it financially and I got a raise at work that I was not expecting. I went from an E-5 to an E-6 last year and that is a little more money. Some times we think that we did nothing or that nothing special happened in the last year but if you really look back you will see how blessed you really are. It is something you really need to think about because it will not come back to you easy but you have come a long way in 2011.

I know some of us made resolutions last year at this time but do you remember what they were. That is why I don't make any except fun ones like I will not eat anything between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am. I always keep that one because I am usually asleep. Why make a resolution that you will not keep. I know for the next 2 months the gym will be crowded because of people making a resolution but I just think about March and they all will be gone. I guess I should not be so negative on resolutions because if it will change your life for the better I need to be more supportive. If we do make resolutions make them small and a goal you can reach because if it is to outrageous then you will probably not keep it. If you do make a resolution this year I will wish you luck and I hope you keep it.

I will admit that the coming year is going to be tough emotionally for us because our older daughter will be graduating from High School and she wants to go off to college and live in the dorms. She will be going to school here in Tennessee but she wants to live in the dorms. Now that is going to be tough on this guy because he does not want his little girl to move away. I know it happens but it is still tough ( I am tearing up as I type this). My other daughter will be getting her license and that will be a big change too because I know that will mean she will be gone more than usual. I am teaching her how to drive and as of right now she is doing a fabulous job. I am so proud of my girls and I know because I mentioned that a few times through out last years blogs. I think 2012 will be a great year.

So what are your resolutions going to be in 2012??????

Monday, December 26, 2011


Well it is now December 26th and we are all sitting around and we all have that sigh of relief. It is over and now it is time to get back to our lives and not worry about if we have given the right gift or not. I am sitting here watching the news and just seeing the stores that are opening early just so they can take back everything you did not want or that did not fit. I am thankful this year because I do not have to be in those lines and I can just sit back and watch everyone else do it. I also noticed all the deals you can get at theses after Christmas sales and I was wondering why did they not give these deals before Christmas and maybe they would have a better outcome. I guess it is all in the planning and getting the green stuff. Now I am looking at the Christmas tree and wondering when I am going to have to climb up into the attic and get all the boxes down so we can put it away for another year. I guess I an start planning for our next great holiday and that is new years day. This is another great holiday because we make all those resolutions and then there is the people that say I do not make any resolutions but we always do. We always make resolutions one way or another. I guess the one I do not like is the gym resolution because for the first 2 months after the new year the gyms get crowded. I belong to a gym and I seen it over and over again and I always say by March it will be back to normal. Well I guess I will get back to the day after Christmas and get ready to get to work, wait I do not have to work today so I can continue sitting around in my sweats and just drink some more coffee. I am hoping that all my readers out there had a great Christmas and I am also hoping that you are not in these lines this morning returning something. I guess I need to get out to the stores and see if I can get a good deal on running shoes, I need a new pair so I can continue running. My other pair still looks good but they are wore out. So I guess I am going to become one of those after Christmas shoppers. I hope you all have a great after Christmas day and that you enjoy your family because soon it will be over and we will all be back to the hustle and bustle of life. Y'all have a great day and enjoy the after Christmas returns or deals.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Here I am up before everyone else and just sitting here watching the news and drinking coffee. I was just wondering and remembering the times my wife and I stayed up late putting the finishing touches on Christmas. If I do remember right, my wife put the finishing touches on the wrapping and getting the toys under the tree. It is funny how we think back to when we were a kid about what we got for Christmas. I remember the big wheel I got and it seemed that I would not get off that thing. I rode that thing until it literally broke and it lasted a few years. I remember for years that every year I would ask for a race track and I got one and the next one was always bigger and better than the first. Well at least I thought so. Now Christmas seems different when your kids are growing up, it is still exciting but you just don't see that excited face like you did when they were kids. I guess as we get older and they get older we just need to be happy and enjoy every Christmas and make as many memories as we can. So today I just want to say Merry Christmas to my family and friends. Christmas is not the same if you do not have loved ones to share it with. I also want to say Happy Birthday Jesus if not for you we would not have this great reason for the season. To all my readers I hope you all have a great Christmas and also a great next year. Thanks for reading....

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