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Saturday, January 21, 2012


You know I started thinking about this a few weeks ago and was not sure if I needed to write about it. It has been sticking with me for a while now so I guess I better. Have you ever noticed when you talk with people about the Bible they use the term "Bible times." Let me explain this term, OK back in Bible times people lived a lot longer or back in Bible times life was a lot easier, or better yet back in Bible times is the only time miracles happened. Now this is not true.

Miracles are still going on today but you need to open your eyes and see them because they are all around you. Did you know you are a miracle in itself. Think about this for a second, think about your brain ( I know some people are lacking in this area ) It controls everything in your body and you don't have to do a thing. You don't tell yourself to breathe but your brain does, you don't tell your legs to move when you walk they just do. When you wake up in the morning and roll out of bed (some later than others ) you just do it because of the miracle inside your head that has everything programed to do it. We just do it and when you think about it it is just miraculous. Now you are going to be thinking about your breathing and you realize I was right, you just do it. If we had to tell ourselves to breathe there would be a lot of dead people because we forgot to tell ourselves.

Miracles still take place all around us, just think of a sunrise and all the beauty it transpires. You cannot see it if you are one of those late sleepers but it is the best thing in the world. I always like the sunrise when you are out running and you see the sun come up it brings out a new energy in you and you just keep going and it is like you realize that it is a brand new day and you can do anything. How about a sunset and that is a miracle too. I remember when I lived out in California and my wife and I would sit on the beach and watch the sunset. You want to see something spectacular see that. It just appears that the sun is going down into the ocean. Miracles are all around us.

Miracles happen in our personal life too. If you have kids and realized the aspect of a baby growing inside the womb, that is a miracle and it cannot be called anything else. We all seen the pictures of the baby growing and what happen each week while the baby is growing and you think how can that happen. All I can say is that is a miracle. Then when you have that baby and you hold it in your arms and you feel this love like you never felt before. It is love so strong that no matter what happens you will always love them. That my friend is a miracle.

Miracles happen all around us and all we have to do is open our eyes and see them. I am going to challenge you this week to slow down and see the miracles that are all around you. Take a deep breath and know that is a miracle, see a sunrise or sunset and know that is a miracle, see your kids whether they are home or moved away and know that is a miracle.



Coffeypot said...

If any idiot ever say times were easier 'In Bible Times' have them look at Afghanistan. They haven't changed in thousands of years. And yes, miracles happen everyday. God is always around us...though he may stand at arms length around me.

ABNPOPPA said...

Amen brother CS, Amen!


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