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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was at my armory today for drill and as I was walking around doing things that soldiers do. If you walk around with a paper in your hand you can look like you are real busy, I was busy really. I noticed that people cannot put there cell phones up. They remain in their hands and they are constantly texting on them. It is like if they put the phone down they might just die or shrivel up. I am all for technology and the way it helps us progress in this world. If you are having a conversation with someone, this is the old way conversation you know face to face mouth moving and words coming out. Then they get a text and right there your conversation is put on hold until they text back. It makes you feel like you are second fiddle and that text conversation is much more important then what you were saying. You cannot see people's faces anymore because they are always looking down at there phone and waiting for the response from the last text they sent. I was in a meeting the other day and there the phones are on the table and as the meeting is going on texts come and it vibrates the whole table. What have we come too that you can't just call someone to talk too you have to text them. I had a soldier like that once and I would call him and he would not answer. I would leave a message and still no answer. I would text him and say the words "call me" and He would call me in less then a minute. Like I said I am all for technology but if it takes the place of reality then we might need to second guess it. What are we doing and why are we just not talking. I know I heard all the answers and they all come down to one answer. It is just easier to text then to call. I can only say BULL and that is just me. I guess I am just old school who likes to hear a persons voice when I talk to them and not letters on the phone. How would you like to get "I am pregnant" on a text and not hear the excitement in the persons voice who is telling you. You cannot hear your moms voice in a text or your daughters voice and her excitement in whatever she is doing. I think we need to come back to reality and just talk on the phone. You know if you really think about it it is easier to call then it is to text. So that seems to be my gripe for this week. I think we just need to lift our heads from our phones and see all this great beauty that God has given us. You are missing out on so much.

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