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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


   Well it is the 4th of July again and I am tired from working our town's Freedom Festival. It is a fun time to see all the people come out for a good time of food fun and fireworks. The festival consists of booths of food that are over priced and that is not all that good. It consists of booths of people trying to get your business or your vote. There is nothing wrong with all this but it got me thinking that we live in such a great nation that we have the freedom to do this and not worry about it. The only thing we have to worry about is how much of that not so good and over priced food we ate.

   As I was at this festival I started thinking about my daughters graduation. I had the honor at her graduation to recognize all the veterans that were at the graduation. I was asked if I can do this before hand and of course I was honored too ( this was after I asked my daughter because this was her day). I got to the graduation and I wore my ACU's because of what I was doing and what I was representing.

   I took the podium and I asked for all the veterans who are serving now and who have served in the past to please stand up. It was an awesome sight to see these ladies and gentlemen standing up to be recognized. I was told as a soldier we do not wear our caps indoors or salute without our caps on unless you are reporting to an officer. I went ahead and put my cap on and told the men and woman that were standing that is is because of your sacrifice we have the freedom to have this graduation. I also said that because of your sacrifice I salute you.. This is also for whoever reads this that have served and gave us their time and service. This is also for the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I SALUTE YOU.
   They always tell us that freedom isn't free and it is not. I found this video on line and it is a Memorial day video but if fits for today too. As soldiers we are all tough but we had the ultimate soldier to look up to and He died for us to give us the freedom we have today. We should always remember the soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice and the one that started it all. It is because of Him that we still have freedom. Please watch and enjoy the video.

To all the soldiers and including the ultimate soldier. Thanks for dying for our freedom.

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