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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well it is January 12 and the new year is off and running. I have seen the resolutioners start coming in because I have seen the class at the gym I take with some new faces. I was thinking this year might be different and I am workout a little harder this year. As you know as you get older it takes more time to recover from an injury. I was at the gym the other day at mt Boot Camp class and I felt my hamstring tighten up and my knee start hurting. I guess the one thing that is good is it is on the same leg. So know I am missing my class and running with my friends. I really need to heal so I can get back into the groove again. So since Jan 1st here are some things that has happened in my life. You just read the first one and the second one is that I put in for a transfer with my National Guard unit. My transfer was accepted and now starting in Feb I will be reporting to a new unit. This was an opportunity that you cannot pass up and so I took it. I have been with my last unit since I got back into the National Guard in 2005. It was a bittersweet to say goodbye because I was in a good platoon and we were starting to gel. Now I am on a new adventure and really looking forward to it. I guess in life you need to keep growing and keep learning so you do not become stagnant and just see life pass you bye. Work has been going good so far and we are very busy and that is a good thing. I was also put under new management at work because they are starting a new dept and putting shipping and receiving under on manager. It will be a change and once we get all the bugs worked out it will be a good thing. So you know what is going on in my life and I hope that 12 days in to the new year you are doing OK.

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Renee said...

Happy New Year! Good luck on you transition to the new unit!

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