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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


   This morning I went out running and it was probably the nicest morning for a run in July here in Tennessee. I ran for about 3 miles and then went inside the gym to stretch and cool down. As I was leaving I seen the  sun coming up over the mountain. I had to just stop and look at it through the window. It was awesome as you just watch it and see it slowly coming up. At first you just see the top of the sun peeking through the trees and a few minutes later you see half of it. I sometimes look at it and realize that God has given me another day to serve Him. I see the sun coming up and wonder that there are many days that we take this for granted. Everyday the sun will rise and we have another opportunity to live our lives.

   I think we should all just take the time to get up and watch the sun just rise into our lives. It is a great inspiration to just watch another day start and be thankful that we are a part of that day. The sun rises to give us another chance at life to either do it right or do it wrong. Let's take every sun rise and look to do it right. This is not what I seen this morning but I wanted you to have a sunrise.

Let's enjoy our day.

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