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I am a Dad to two beautiful girls and a husband to a very gorgeous wife. I am very proud of my family and the way they give me so much support. I guess I do not need to win the lottery, I have already won.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Well the time has finally come and right now I am not sure what to think about it. This coming Monday August 11th my youngest daughter moves into her dorm room and is off to college. It feels like it was just yesterday they were born. My oldest is starting her junior year and I guess the one thing I am happy for is that they are going to the same school and they are not that far away from us.

I am really proud of my girls and happy that they are growing up. They both will live in a dorm so it will just be me and my wife. It is a day you look forward too but at the same time, your kids are leaving and it is still hard.

I heard all the things that they never really leave and they will be back. I know this but you still have to let them grow and learn things on their own. I have a great relationship with my girls and to some people that seems weird but we do get along very well and I will miss them.

To my daughters, I love you and I am so very proud of you for being the people that you are. You are both very different from one another and that is awesome too. You made Mom and I very proud and we are very happy how you have grown up and become the woman that you are.


Monday, August 4, 2014


Well here is my gripe for the day. 
I was always brought up to say Sir or Ma'am to whom ever I am talking too. So I looked up the word Sir in the dictionary and it defines sir as a respectful or formal term of address used to a man: I also looked up Ma'am and it says  is used as a title of respect, especially when addressing a lady. Now with that being said maybe we should know that when someone calls you Ma'am or Sir it is out of respect and not an insult.

I have had people tell me when I say Sir that Sir is my dad and that is not me. I will still call you Sir. My daughters have been raised up to say Sir or Ma'am and it is out of respect.

So the next time someone calls you Sir or Ma'am, remember that they are showing the respect you deserve and they are not saying you are old or as an insult. Take the respect you might not get it all the time.

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