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Thursday, November 5, 2015


What is your story?


   If you ask people to tell you their story I bet that the answer you get is” I don’t have a story.” Yes everyone has a story. Let me ask you a few questions that can get your mind thinking on what your story is.

How did you get to be where you are right now?

How did you get to be where you are living right now?

If you are in a different state from where you grew up how did you get there?

How did you meet your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend?

How did you get your job?

When did you pick up that habit?

When did you kick that habit?

How did the Lord become part of your life?

If you answer these questions you have a story.

    I think it is awesome when you listen to people talking and they start sharing their life and the things they been through and the enjoyment they had in life. They don’t realize it but they are telling their story. If you don’t say a word and just let them talk you will see that they have been through a lot of things both good and bad. Sometimes we need to hear other people’s story and think about the things they are sharing and then we realize that we do not have it that bad.

   As I was writing this out I remembered that I have a story to tell and a life that can be shared because of my story. Watch the video then answer the question.
So now let me ask again.

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Coffeypot said...

Long story short, I was born, I've lived, but not dead yet... give me time and my story will be over.

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